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Virtual Reality (VR) devices in IndustrySim Virtual Platform

Question: Will IndustrySim Virtual Platform support Virtual Reality (VR) devices such as Oculus Rift? Answer: Yes, the IndustrySim Virtual Platform will support VR devices, starting with Oculus Rift as the first proof; other devices will follow. Virtual reality devices are … Read More

The Benefits of Product Promotion with IndustrySim Virtual Platform

Question: What are the benefits for an industrial facility to use the IndustrySim Virtual Platform to promote their products? Answer: The IndustrySim Virtual Platform is designed to show the users how manufacturing processes of different products work in the real … Read More

IndustrySim Internet of Things (IoT) Will Boost Your Marketing and Sales!

Question: Does the IndustrySim Virtual Platform have any Internet of Things (IoT) applications? Answer: Yes, the IndustrySim Virtual Platform certainly has beneficial IoT applications. One interesting potential use is in sales promotion. Nowadays the customers, especially in industrialized countries, have … Read More

IndustrySim Virtual Platform – Maritime Applications

Question: Can IndustrySim Virtual Platform be used in maritime applications as well? Answer: Yes, the IndustrySim Virtual Platform is an effective tool for the maritime industry. The possible applications include ship building, sea transport, and the offshore industry, including oil … Read More

IndustrySim – Internet of Things

Question: I have been reading about the Internet of Things (IoT) and the smart electric grid but don’t really have a grip on the advantages. Could the IndustrySim Virtual Platform help with that? Answer: Yes, the IndustrySim Virtual Platform will … Read More

IndustrySim Virtual Platform – General Concept

The IndustrySim team have now completed the development of the new product concept. Please see the PDF or video of the IndustrySim Virtual Platform! To download the PDF version, please click here

How can the IndustrySim Virtual Platform help you with Clean Tech?

Question: How can the IndustrySim Virtual Platform help you with Clean Tech? Answer: “Clean Tech is a general term used to describe products, processes or services that reduce waste and require as few non-renewable resources as possible”. You could say … Read More

What is this thing called Gamification?

Over the past few decades, I have done a lot of work with measurement and automation for process industrial plants. I have also been writing software for related applications, as well as for signal analysis and different types of simulations. … Read More

IndustrySim Marketing, Engineering & Innovation Infographic

IndustrySim serious game for Marketing, Engineering & Innovation Infographic

How IndustrySim can help with marketing, engineering or innovation. How can the simulation engine be utilized for presenting proprietary equipment? How can innovation happen in a virtual simulation environment? We have packed all the important answers in the infographics above, … Read More

IndustrySim serious game for industry training and education Infographic

How IndustrySim differ from dedicated training simulators? What are the advantages of using virtual learning environments in personnel training or education? Why should a gamified simulation be considered as a complementing method for the training portfolio of an organization? We have … Read More

Bartosz Bień and Marek Znamirowski join IndustrySim team as Lead Software Architects

  We are happy to announce that we have the honor to have two very accomplished software developers joining the IndustrySim team as Lead Software Architects. Mr. Bień is a software architect with years of experience in large and smaller … Read More

Learn about sustainable green industries by playing IndustrySim

With sustainability and environmental challenges being few of the recognized megatrends, it is more and more important to understand how industry can operate in a changing world. With IndustrySim the player can get not only an overview or a big picture … Read More

IndustrySim press conference at Turku Game Lab on 7th October 2014

IndustrySim Ltd. is organising together with Turku University of Applied Sciences and University of Turku a press conference at Turku Game Lab. IndustrySim game was awarded with the “Best-Work-In-Progress-Award” at VS-Games 2014 conference at Malta. The unique concept of the … Read More

IndustrySim received “Best Work-in-Progress Award” at VS-Games 2014 Conference, Malta

IndustrySim was honored with the “Best Work-in-Progress Award” at the VS-Games 2014, Sixth International Conference on Virtual Worlds and Games for Serious Applications, at Malta on 12th September 2014. IndustrySim team wishes to thank the organizers of the conference and … Read More

IndustrySim presented at VS-Games 2014 Conference

IndustrySim game will be presented at the Sixth International Conference on Virtual Worlds and Games for Serious Applications: VS-Games 2014, at University of Malta on thursday, 11th September 2014 (see the programme of the Conference here). Abstract of the presentation: … Read More

IndustrySim Developer Interview Video

  Sofia and Laura, 15 and 14 years old, created this developer interview video of IndustrySim as part of the work practice program of their school. They interviewed two of the developers involved in creating the proof-of-concept demo of the … Read More

IndustrySim Game Teaser Trailer Released

  In a world built by industry, few know how it all works. Have fun finding it out! IndustrySim game proof of concept technology demo has been finalized in 02/2014. Here is the Teaser Trailer of the demo, showing the … Read More

IndustrySim is seeking a Chief Marketing Officer

IndustrySim Ltd. is seeking an experienced Chief Marketing Officer to join a team of multinational professionals and help make IndustrySim a success story on a global scale.  The CMO would be part of the management team and working with a … Read More

IndustrySim announces Call for Potential Partners

IndustrySim ltd. is looking for Industrial partners who want to create positive interest in their respective industries and the equipment that makes it happen. Download the teaser brochure.  

Inspiring learning game simulates the real world

One example of the local co-operation has just recently got started in Turku Game Lab. The project with a Turku-based company IndustrySim combines several traditional engineering sciences such as IT, Game Technology, Process Technology, Energy Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Sciences … Read More