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Developing Internet of Things innovations through IndustrySim

Question: How could the IndustrySim product be useful in finding new feasible IoT applications? Answer: It should be stressed that along with its professional applications, the IndustrySim system can be used as an entertaining and inspiring simulation game. The energy … Read More

IndustrySim and the Plant Maintenance

Question: Will your application include wear and maintenance in the process simulation as well? Answer: Yes, wear and maintenance are important factors in running plants. The process simulation will include wear of the different pieces of equipment, based on specific … Read More

IndustrySim Distributed Control System

Question: I’m interested in plant automation and gaming. Will IndustrySim applications include automation blocks to control the simulated processes? Answer: Yes, a virtual Distributed Control System (V_DCS) will be implemented in IndustrySim applications to handle the control of a process. … Read More

IndustrySim and the Smart Wind Power

Question: People in the village where I live have built together a wind power park with a few turbines. Then, the power output of our wind park is changing fairly much, due to the changes in the wind speed. Would … Read More

IndustrySim Virtual Platform and the Smart Energy

Question: I’m interested in knowing how we could utilize Smart Energy applications in our house, and manage issues in electric power generation. Could you give me some examples on how the IndustrySim application helps us better understand these opportunities? Answer: … Read More

IndustrySim is celebrating the Earth Day!

The IndustrySim Team wants to honor the Earth Day by stressing how important it is to have a clean environment. We are all, together, responsible to maintain that! Unfortunately, the industrial activities often have some negative impact on the environment. … Read More

IndustrySim Ltd. at the Wolves Summit 2016

We are happy to announce that Tomas Rosin and Bartosz Bień will be attending the Wolves Summit Conference in Warsaw, Poland, on April 11th-13th, 2016. If you would like to have a chat with us about the IndustrySim Virtual Platform, … Read More

IndustrySim Virtual Platform and the Big Data

Question: I’m working on Big Data collection and analysis for the manufacturing industry. Can the IndustrySim Virtual Platform provide me with any benefits in my efforts to develop feasible and advantageous applications for the industrial Big Data? Answer: Oh yes, … Read More

IndustrySim Virtual Platform – Official Teaser

We are proud to present the official teaser video for the IndustrySim Virtual Platform!

Virtual Reality (VR) devices in IndustrySim Virtual Platform

Question: Will IndustrySim Virtual Platform support Virtual Reality (VR) devices such as Oculus Rift? Answer: Yes, the IndustrySim Virtual Platform will support VR devices, starting with Oculus Rift as the first proof; other devices will follow. Virtual reality devices are … Read More