IndustrySim – Internet of Things


I have been reading about the Internet of Things (IoT) and the smart electric grid but don’t really have a grip on the advantages. Could the IndustrySim Virtual Platform help with that?


Yes, the IndustrySim Virtual Platform will be very useful in sorting out different concepts and demonstrating their benefits in different industrial IoT applications. Note that in the industry no investments are made without a clear payback. This philosophy works for households as well.

There are currently many new products emerging on the market that utilize IoT for different residential applications. This is well and good since it will finally lead to a full implementation of the smart electric grid, among other things.

So, what type of role would the IndustrySim Virtual Platform play in the implementation of the smart electric grid? Well, the IndustrySim Virtual Platform would work as a tool for teaching both various kinds of professionals (e.g. IT people) and normal consumers how the electricity production facilities and distribution networks work, from the “fuel mine” (e.g. gas, biomass, wind and Sun) all the way to the electricity consumption points. The IndustrySim Virtual Platform will also be very useful also in testing out new concepts and can for example, provide an answer on the question; “why should my refrigerator access the Internet?”

It is in the interest of the whole society from the producer of electricity to the decision makers and consumers that the electric grid stays as stable as possible. Of course, the consumers have a role in improving the electric infrastructure. With the help of the Internet, intelligent devices make the electricity distribution network function better.

As a tool of education and engineering, especially when it comes to design and innovation, the IndustrySim Virtual Platform will have a big part in building the smart electric grid.

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