IndustrySim Virtual Platform™ – Media Kit

A presentation video from the EnergySpin acceleration event in Vaasa, September 2017.

An extended official teaser trailer for IndustrySim Virtual Platform, with screenshots:

Product Concept (PDF)
What can you do with IndustrySim Virtual Platform?

The original teaser trailer:


Information Sheets

Educational Applications (PDF)
IndustrySim Virtual Platform Educational Applications

Marketing Applications (PDF)
IndustrySim Virtual Platform Marketing Applications


Feasibility Study Demo

The video below contains footage from the feasibility study demo (2014). The actual product is going to use much more advanced visuals – realistic lighting, visualization of the flow, and a lot more!

Still, we have seen it stirred a big interest among gamers on various occassions, because it’s been fun and interesting to play!

For this demo and the accompanying paper, we had a pleasure to receive the “Best Work-In-Progress Award” at the VS-GAMES’14 on Malta.

Please view/download the full text of our paper here.

IndustrySim Best Work-In-Progress Award


IndustrySim Logo Guidelines

IndustrySim Ltd. logotypes and logo guidelines
IndustrySim Ltd. logotypes and logo guidelines