Learn about sustainable green industries by playing IndustrySim


With sustainability and environmental challenges being few of the recognized megatrends, it is more and more important to understand how industry can operate in a changing world. With IndustrySim the player can get not only an overview or a big picture of sustainable practices, but also hands-on experience on building competitive green industries.

The player will always have the choice. For example in the energy industry, beside the traditional coal or fossil fuel power plants, the player will have choices to develop their industry utilizing reusable energy, such as hydroelectric, wind or solar power sources. The game will portray realistic challenges with each chosen path, for example what will happen to energy production in changing weather conditions.

If the player chooses to build their industry based on fossil fuel energy, they are subjected to emission standards. As important part as the production side of the industry processes, are the filters, precipitators and scrubbers to control the emissions. If the measured emissions of the plant won’t fit within the tolerable range of the regulations and standards, the industry will be subjected to economic sanctions.

With IndustrySim the player can see how their own choices affect the environment, and learn by doing how to build their own industry as a successful, competitive and green industry.

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