IndustrySim Marketing, Engineering & Innovation Infographic

IndustrySim serious game for Marketing, Engineering & Innovation Infographic

How IndustrySim can help with marketing, engineering or innovation. How can the simulation engine be utilized for presenting proprietary equipment? How can innovation happen in a virtual simulation environment? We have packed all the important answers in the infographics above, … Read More

IndustrySim serious game for industry training and education Infographic

How IndustrySim differ from dedicated training simulators? What are the advantages of using virtual learning environments in personnel training or education? Why should a gamified simulation be considered as a complementing method for the training portfolio of an organization? We have … Read More

Learn about sustainable green industries by playing IndustrySim

With sustainability and environmental challenges being few of the recognized megatrends, it is more and more important to understand how industry can operate in a changing world. With IndustrySim the player can get not only an overview or a big picture … Read More

IndustrySim presented at VS-Games 2014 Conference

IndustrySim game will be presented at the Sixth International Conference on Virtual Worlds and Games for Serious Applications: VS-Games 2014, at University of Malta on thursday, 11th September 2014 (see the programme of the Conference here). Abstract of the presentation: … Read More