IndustrySim Internet of Things (IoT) Will Boost Your Marketing and Sales!


Does the IndustrySim Virtual Platform have any Internet of Things (IoT) applications?


Yes, the IndustrySim Virtual Platform certainly has beneficial IoT applications. One interesting potential use is in sales promotion. Nowadays the customers, especially in industrialized countries, have become more aware of environmental issues; also, the quality of acquired products needs to be proved high. The competition is very stiff, and hence it is necessary for the producing industry to market their products through successful campaigns.

The Internet is a very good vehicle for marketing different products. The IndustrySim Virtual Platform offers great flexibility and interactivity, and can for example be configured to import proper sensor readings from a plant sensor database hosted on a cloud server. This means that the application provides company’s customers with vital, real-life information about the product and its qualities.

The interactivity, combined with the information about the product and its manufacturing process, would significantly increase the interest of the targeted client groups in marketing campaigns.


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