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IndustrySim press conference at Turku Game Lab on 7th October 2014

IndustrySim Ltd. is organising together with Turku University of Applied Sciences and University of Turku a press conference at Turku Game Lab. IndustrySim game was awarded with the “Best-Work-In-Progress-Award” at VS-Games 2014 conference at Malta. The unique concept of the … Read More

IndustrySim Developer Interview Video

  Sofia and Laura, 15 and 14 years old, created this developer interview video of IndustrySim as part of the work practice program of their school. They interviewed two of the developers involved in creating the proof-of-concept demo of the … Read More

Inspiring learning game simulates the real world

One example of the local co-operation has just recently got started in Turku Game Lab. The project with a Turku-based company IndustrySim combines several traditional engineering sciences such as IT, Game Technology, Process Technology, Energy Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Sciences … Read More