The Benefits of Product Promotion with IndustrySim Virtual Platform


What are the benefits for an industrial facility to use the IndustrySim Virtual Platform to promote their products?


The IndustrySim Virtual Platform is designed to show the users how manufacturing processes of different products work in the real life.

Nowadays, when environmental values are particularly important for the consumers, the IndustrySim Virtual Platform is an excellent tool to comprehensively show potential clients why and how a certain product is environmentally friendly and has a high quality.

Through the interactivity, the IndustrySim Virtual Platform collects data from the clients. This data, processed by the analytical module of the application, provides vital information on what the potential clients think about the product, especially about its manufacturing process.

It should be stressed that although not every product is best promoted like this, there are many products which gain a lot from being promoted through the IndustrySim Virtual Platform. One of the most important features of the IndustrySim Virtual Platform is a very high flexibility, hence it is able to closely fit the client’s needs for the product promotion. One could claim that an online story of a specific product is told through the IndustrySim Virtual Platform.

On the IndustrySim Virtual Platform, the manufacturer of a product constructs a virtual manufacturing/assembly line of the product; the simulation includes logistics as well. The manufacturer then chooses what to emphasize to the potential client, what she can modify in the model, and which parts of the manufacturing process are rather to be shown as gray boxes in the production chain.


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