Beneath the hood of the IndustrySim Virtual Platform there is an ambitious and highly realistic simulation of industrial processes. More content is layered on top of it but the heavy-duty simulation algorithms ensure that experimenting with non-standard factory layouts is not only supported but also provides reasonably accurate results. Parts of the simulation engine can be switched on and off as needed, enabling supervisors and single-license users to adjust difficulty and complexity for individual scenarios.

Just like the training scenario content, the simulation engine content is modular. New types of industrial plants will be added throughout the product life cycle. Our ultimate goal for the simulation engine is to enable the player to combine and experiment with different kinds of industries, plant setups, component combinations and so forth, perhaps even producing new data that would have applications in the real world. We are not there yet but it is definitely part of the IndustrySim vision. Modularity also enables custom builds for training purposes. This enables large industry clients to focus on specific types of industries, processes and components relevant to their particular needs.

With the IndustrySim Virtual Platform Plug-in Tools an innovator is able to see how a new component or design interacts with other process equipment and systems. The simulations within IndustrySim allow the manufacturer to prove to customers that their solution will be mutually profitable. Gamification of simulations makes discovering new ideas and making innovations enjoyable.

Finally, the simulation engine allows comprehensive data gathering of the user activities. The analytics data will be gathered into a database. Over time, it forms ”Big Data” that will allow not only the single user to learn how well he succeeded but also gives industrial and educational organizations valuable information how their teams or students are progressing. The analytics will open up a whole new avenue of possibilities for eLearning by providing extensive feedback on both individual and organizational levels.

IndustrySim Screenshot

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