There is a human quality to the industry. It is run by the people, for the people. We learn and teach, we make innovations and put them to the test. And we only succeed if the market understands what we have achieved.

What does an industrial company need to keep on the competitive edge?

  • Constant and effective training system for everyone from a novice to a professional;
  • Efficient environment to research and test innovations using general purpose, user-friendly tools for a rapid research/test cycle;
  • Interactive, visual tools for marketing and sales that allow the customer to interact with your product in action – which is worth a million words.

This is where IndustrySim comes in.

We have created the IndustrySim Virtual Platform – a novel, intelligent combination of industrial simulation software and a serious computer game.


Whether you are a business entity concerned with digitization of your workflows and sales, or an individual with a passion towards industry and gaming, we are there for you.

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