Playing with Big Data and the IndustrySim IoT Shell

IndustrySim Virtual Platform and Big Data


I would like to run game sessions with Big Data analysis to get a good picture of how it could work. Is this possible to do with your IndustrySim software?


Yes, it is going to be possible at some stage, specifically for applications related to industrial activities. For example: the energy industry, as seen through the IndustrySim application, includes the electric grid, yet it’s also extended to some electricity consuming devices – especially these which consume a significant amount of it.

IoT solutions related to the industry usually need to handle Big Data in order to give maximum benefits. If we look at the example mentioned in the latest blog entry (The IndustrySim IoT Shell in Action), a lot of these benefits come from identifying trends in data coming from consumers.

The IndustrySim application will include an IoT shell, and – as explained above – it will also provide a tool pack for analyzing Big Data. It should be noticed that the user of the IndustrySim application will be able to smarten up all the IoT devices thanks to these features.

The IndustrySim team is working passionately to reach the stage where multiple users (or players, if you will) will be able to work together or to compete in developing feasible IoT/Big Data solutions with industrial connections.


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