IndustrySim VP; are there restrictions with the scenarios?


Are the scenarios in the IndustrySim Virtual Platform realistic? Do they represent the best available industrial concept?


The IndustrySim Virtual Platform (ISVP) scenarios are realistic since they base on the laws of natural sciences. The constructor of a scenario has to feed input information to the models for calculating the economics of each step. Any released scenario will certainly be scrutinized by the gaming community and any discrepancy or lack of realism will be amended.

The ISVP does not lay restrictions on any technical or commercial concept in the scenarios, as long as it does not violate the laws of nature. It is actually very educative to play through scenarios with different technical/commercial solutions and, for example, to notice why some concepts are more or less economical than others.

It should be noted that the ISVP is a good environment for investigating technical functionality as well as economical aspects of diverse technical solutions!

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