IndustrySim to participate in the EnergySpin acceleration program

IndustrySim has been chosen to participate in the EnergySpin acceleration program. Our team is very pleased with this recognition which makes the considerable effort worthwhile.

It should be pointed out that the energy industry is one of the cornerstones of the IndustrySim Virtual Platform. Thus, our systems embrace energy consumers as well, since they are an integral part of the energy industry and the Smart Grid used for distributing electrical energy.

One of the ambitious goals of the IndustrySim team is to make the IndustrySim Virtual Platform an industry standard in marketing and sales of equipment.

The team recognizes that we have to put a lot of intense work into reaching our goals and we’re very, very much looking forward to cooperate with the partners of the Energy Spin. We really hope that we’ll achieve our vision and produce the added value for our customers.

We want to thank YOU, nobody mentioned but no one forgotten, of the last week’s EnergySpin event in Vaasa!

The event took place on September 12-13, 2017, at Domus Bothnica, Vaasa, Finland.

Domus Bothnica, Vaasa
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