IndustrySim is celebrating the Earth Day!


The IndustrySim Team wants to honor the Earth Day by stressing how important it is to have a clean environment. We are all, together, responsible to maintain that!

Unfortunately, the industrial activities often have some negative impact on the environment. Therefore, as the informed consumers, we need to step up and demand development of better and more environmentally friendly production technologies.

The IndustrySim Team aims to contribute strongly to the development of the technologies for the future, which will minimize the impact of the manufacturing industry on the environment. The development requires skilled people, as well as support and pressure from the consumers. The environmental issue is a back bone in the IndustrySim products and we would also like to see many new designers, innovators and informed consumers getting their spark from using the IndustrySim products.

We heartily invite you to our industrial adventure, and to reveal the scenarios of the production technologies of tomorrow.

As a bonus, please see how peacefully the nature itself coexists with the industry – below is the live view at the falcon’s nest atop a chimney of the heating plant in Gdynia, Poland. How cool is that!

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