IndustrySim Business Model

IndustrySim Asset Market

We are constantly working to make the IndustrySim Virtual Platform (ISVP) attractive both to gamers (B2C) and to companies (B2B). We could make it simple and just craft some scenarios, but we believe there is a smarter way to boost the gaming experience and to increase the benefits for the B2B clients.

Therefore, we’ve decided to develop an editor which can be used to build different industrial and infrastructure scenarios. The scenario editor is going to have a few levels of abstraction. On the initial level, a manufacturing process is gathered as a block scheme of the needed parts like material flows, chemical reactions, energy flows, etc. This is exactly how you start to design these processes in real life! The highest level of scenario constructing enables implementation of different devices like pumps, fans, material transport systems, automation, specific sensors/computer systems, etc.

The editor will be backed up by a toolset for events, and by a mathematical model designer allowing the construction of mathematical models for new machines/devices. It should be noticed that according to the IndustrySim philosophy everything should be fully applicable in the real world, hence there will be authentication procedures for each and every device to ensure that there is no violation of the laws of nature.

The IndustrySim editor toolset opens a window for a real win-win-win situation – expert players would be able to construct assets that the B2B clients need, and earn money on that. IndustrySim could establish a marketplace where the demand and supply of these assets meet. This marketplace would also make it possible for companies to test certain things – such as new product concepts – with the growing IndustrySim community.

We would like to hear your opinion on this idea!  What do you think about it?  Please drop us a line!

IndustrySim Asset Market
IndustrySim Asset Market
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