IndustrySim and the Smart Wind Power


People in the village where I live have built together a wind power park with a few turbines. Then, the power output of our wind park is changing fairly much, due to the changes in the wind speed. Would your IndustrySim application help us to understand how we could develop our wind power park?


This is a typical case where the IndustrySim application could be extremely helpful. Perhaps the most important thing is that the IndustrySim application shows its users the big picture on how the different parts of the infrastructure work together. The user is able to easily set up and play through various IoT service setups for your wind park and the village in need, and see how they work out.

The following IoT service features would be a key element in your IndustrySim setup:

  1. The wind park very frequently updates the server with the important data, such as wind speed, production, load, etc.
  2. The intelligent electricity consuming devices also upload their data to the server.

An IoT service is set up according to the following block scheme:

IndustrySim Smart Wind Power - block scheme

Using this kind of setup will enable you to test your case and other energy-related phenomena in a gamified session of IndustrySim. Modify the parameters of your system (you can virtually grow your village too!), and instantly see what happens! The forthcoming versions of the IndustrySim, having the multiplayer/multi-user feature will make things even much more interesting.

IndustrySim Smart Wind Power - wind energy in farming

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