IndustrySim and the Plant Maintenance


Will your application include wear and maintenance in the process simulation as well?


Yes, wear and maintenance are important factors in running plants. The process simulation will include wear of the different pieces of equipment, based on specific degradation models and a bit of natural randomness. Almost every piece of equipment needs to be maintained during its life span. Hence, a maintenance scheme will be applied for when the plant equipment needs to be maintained and the users will face certain challenges, such as how to organize the maintenance and possible repair of different machines and pieces of process equipment. A predictive maintenance analysis will also be implemented. The predictive maintenance analysis is based on measurements from multiple sensor systems, e.g. acoustic sensors, revealing the condition and status of the process equipment. The IndustrySim “vibrograms” will visualize the status of the plant for the users. Cool, isn’t it?

IndustrySim and the Plant Maintenance

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