Developing Internet of Things innovations through IndustrySim


How could the IndustrySim product be useful in finding new feasible IoT applications?


It should be stressed that along with its professional applications, the IndustrySim system can be used as an entertaining and inspiring simulation game. The energy industry is one of the core branches of industry in the IndustrySim world. Furthermore, the electric grid and district heating system is a vital part of the energy industry, and it will be available for the players of the IndustrySim game.

Back to the question: the IndustrySim team sees a lot of potential in the gaming community to come up with many new solutions and concepts. The multiplayer feature will boost the changes a lot, especially that the gaming community often comes up with significant innovations. Since the IndustrySim application will include an IoT shell, it is very likely that the simulation gaming community will bring forward many feasible IoT applications.

Why do we believe that the gaming community would have abilities to solve problems and innovate? Well, that has happened before! Please read the following article:


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