City Heating Simulation in the IndustrySim Virtual Platform – A Shift of Paradigm?


The IndustrySim Virtual Platform simulates the heating of buildings. Isn’t this a shift in paradigm?


We definitely do not see this as a shift of the paradigm. Let’s elaborate the reasons why we have incorporated heating of buildings in our Vertical Slice (VS) version.

The energy industry is a foundation of the IndustrySim Virtual Platform. The electric grid, connecting the production facilities to the consumer points, is then seen as a vital part of the energy industry. Another cornerstone of the IndustrySim application is the feasible use of IoT devices and Big Data analysis. These techniques have been proven very beneficial when setting up a smart electric grid.

In the VS version of the IndustrySim Virtual Platform, the user impersonates a grid engineer for a small town named Vellamo, in a scenario where he or she is responsible for operating the power grid. The grid has been made smart by utilizing IoT devices and data analysis to control the heating of the buildings in the Vellamo area.

Each of a couple thousand houses is simulated individually, while the central server uses a clustering algorithm to maintain the smoothness of the grid. The operator can provide recommendations regarding the power usage and the set points of heating water temperature.

Thus, the simulation of the heating system in each house is essential for the realism of the whole scenario.

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